What does NOS mean?

NOS comes from the English (“New Old Stock“) and literally means “new old stock”. These are therefore original parts that have spent years or even decades in warehouses of agencies, workshops, restoration stores and dealers, as well as in private hands. That’s what the “Old” in the name stands for – and then what is “New”? NOS parts are unused, i.e. they have not yet been used or installed. For high-quality restorations, NOS spare parts are the non plus ultra.

An online store with NOS spare parts?

Yes exactly, or – let’s stay honest – mainly with NOS spare parts. MB NOS Parts also has refurbished (e.g. re-chromed), remanufactured (repro) and very good used parts on offer. Especially for rare or very early series, it is very hard to find NOS parts and if you do, they are almost priceless.
MB NOS Parts has made it their business to collect unique and rare parts for your Mercedes-Benz classics. Many are even still in their original packaging (OVP), which adds to the charm of these treasures. In the store you will find all items clearly and unambiguously marked: NOS, Repro, used, OVP yes/no.

What else should I know?

Even though the quality of NOS replacement parts is usually not surpassed by aftermarket products and replicas, you should be aware of the following: NOS parts are not new! They have been in storage for a long time, they have collected dust, can be slightly dirty or have so-called “storage marks”, e.g. minor scratches or light rust. This is normal for the age of the parts and does not entitle to withdrawal, exchange, complaint or even compensation. Minimal stock marks are therefore not explicitly shown with the items in the store. This clarification is not intended to unsettle you in any way – quite the opposite. Comprehensive information and openness are very important to us.

So, and now have fun browsing the store!

Sincerely, Yours

Thomas Blueml